Thursday, January 20, 2005

Darth Cheney caught on tape.

Sounded like you could hear Rehnquist's respirator while delivering the oath today. For a brief moment I had the image of W as emperor Palpatine and Cheney as Vader - to make it even more vivid, as the band played the first couple of notes immediately after it sounded like they were going to play the Imperial March (albeit for only half a second). Absolutely hilarious (I guess you had to be there).

The speech, well it wasn't so bad as political speeches go - long but not too long. He could have cut half that crap out and would have had something concise and possibly even stirring. Instead he pads it with trite phrases. As Bill O'reilly says, pithy.

And if you're spending $40 mil on your parade and NINE freakin' balls, the least you can do is shell out for a priest who can write an interesting "prayer" and not fill it with a bunch of grandstanding. Its kind of hard to fulfill God's will when he hasn't exactly made it clear what he wantsin, oh the last two millenia. A transcript of his prayer would be "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Equal Opportunity, Jesus, Obey God, Civil Rights, Jesus, Jesus, One Nation Under God, Jesus, Amen".


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