Thursday, December 30, 2004

Great job opportunity lost

Tim Worstall points to a great job opportunity at the UK (British, English, - despite years of reading stuff from the land of fish and chips I still can't remember what the collective name is supposed to be) Equal Opportunity Commission, good performance opening the door to a possible appointment in the Commission for Equality and Human Rights slated to replace it.

Normally I would consider myself unqualified for the job since I couldn't get their application for to work, but then again this is an EO job. And I have an in - I'm a member of a minority ethnicity (but would I be considered a "visible minority ethnic" I wonder?) in the UK (after all how many American-Britishers are there living in the isles?

Too bad the closing date for the applications is today, though one has to wonder why since when the application is emailed in you get an OOO reply saying the guy won't be back until the early January.


Blogger Tim Worstall said...

England is England, Britain is England and Wales, Great Britain is Britain plus Scotland and the United Kingdom is the United Kingodom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
That help?

Blogger Agammamon said...

Thanks, that most certainly does.


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