Monday, August 17, 2015

. . . deputy director Kumar Kibble said it costs $12,500 to deport an individual undocumented immigrant.

Yeah, but 2/3 of that cost is for all that 'due process' bullshit.
Its pretty simple to do this cost effectively. Simply go out to the places all them illegals hang out and work at and round people up. Make them provide prof of citizenship. If they ain't got it, put 'em in a van and drive 'em to the closest border town in Mexico. Don't matter if'n they're from Cuba or Puerto Rico or one of them terrorist state none either. Illegal is illegal.
Sheriff Arpaio figured this out years ago.

Look, the only way we're going to end the scourge of 'undocumented immigration' is by instituting a nation-wide *mandatory* ID - producible on demand.
Also, we need to get rid of this 'no checkpoints' thinking. We are exposed to too much danger from drugs, crime, and terrorism to not give police this very reasonable investigatory tool.
especially when, with modern technology, you can RFID the ID and place automated checkpoints that do facial recognition while scanning for RFID passes and matching them up. This is all leveraging the power of capital without having to increase the number of police on the payroll.
I also think that internal travel permits should be implemented. There is absolutely no reason why emmigrants from one state should be allowed to freely take the jobs of citizens in other state. This just drives down wages and is, really, setting up a race to the bottom.

Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan Would Cost $200 Billion.


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