Friday, June 19, 2015

Southern District Court of New York's Subpoena to Reason Magazine and Accompanying Gag Order

First, let me apologize (again) for putting Reason in this position in the first place.  While this often feels like a public forum, I forgot that my actions can have harmful consequences for other people even if I escape unscathed.

Secondly - "The comments are hyperbolic, in questionable taste‚Äďand fully within the norms of Internet commentary."

Here's someone who's willing to acknowledge the truth.  Those comments were distasteful, but fully within the bounds of modern internet culture and not some weird, worrisome aberration.

There's a hashtag labelled #KillAllWhitePeople for feth's sake. 

This vegan is calling for the extermination of people who eat meat.

This guy wants to set adrift in the sea people who demand graphical fidelity over gameplay in videogames

We should just stick all these graphics kiddies on some ice, and float them out to see... as the eskimo's before us.

The thing is, internet culture is vastly different from 'face-to-face-' culture. 

Those of us who spend a lot of time talking to people in asymmetric conversations have come to understand what those of you who do all your conversations either one-way (article writing) or face to face haven't internalized.

"Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Fuckwad"

And quite frankly, Reason's comment section is near the top of the heap in terms of politeness and quality of discourse - order's of magnitude better than pretty much any one else's un-moderated comment section while avoiding the pitfalls of group-think that heavily moderated forums have.


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