Wednesday, December 01, 2004

First Post

Well, I guess I've finally worked up the courage to try out this blog thingy - which shows how disfunctional I am if I'm worried about embarrassing myself in front of people I'll never meet.
In any case for my first post I'll demonstrate my incredible ignorance regarding physics by relating some of the thoughts I had last night while trying to sleep with about 2 liters of Coke worth of caffeine running through my system.
Anyway the first bit with movement and the speed of light limit. Wanna hear it? Goes som'thin' like this.
Everything travels at one constant speed through four dimensional spacetime (three space dimensions and one time), the faster you move through the three space dimensions (relative to something else) the slower you move through time.
The other one deals with the problem of time travel and conflates the distance you can move through time with the lenght of time virtual particles can exist. Just as a virtual particles lenght of existence is inversely proportional to its mass so too could the distance an object can travel back in time. The more massive an object the shorter the lenght of time you could move back through. Of course then I realized that this doesn't explain why we can move through time in one direction with ease but not the other.
And as regards to paradox, maybe when traveling through time you must also travel through space. I.e. traveling 6 hours back in time requires you to travel 6 lighthours through space, preventing you from - for example - going back in time and preventing yourself from going back in time. Of course that little bit is predicated on time travel paradox not being allowed by physical law.
That's it for now. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll actually have something to write that's worth your time to read it.


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